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Try and keep your party alive as you fight the giant slime! For a normal party, dodging the many slime attacks and not taking damage would be easy, but your party is filled with... the best of the best ;)

NOTES: Not balanced, def skews in players favor! 

Spells (Left to right)

  • Heal Over Time. Instance cast, and gradually heals the target over time. Has short Cooldown
  • Heal : Short Cast, Low heal value and mana
  • Fast Heal: Quick cast heal, med heal, has CD 
  • Big Heal: Slow cast but big heal. No cooldown
  • AOE heal: Heals all party members. Has a Cooldown


  • Enter to continue
  • WASD or Arrow Keys for player movement
  • Left mouse click to select spells and targets
    • Left click on a spell (bottom row) and then click on a target (top bar). Each target HP bar has an icon linking it to the person you are healing!
  • If you move while casting, or take damage, it will cancel casting!

Debug Keys/Cheats:

  • K takes you to game won screen
  • L takes you to game lost screen
  • P spawns a random orb
  • O spawns healing particles on the player

Made in Strawberry (personal engine) by one programmer who got all sound and audio from the internet. Check the attached credits to find out where I got them :)


  • Made it a release build so you shouldn't need to have visual studio installed to play
  • Slimes weren't using delta seconds so on some computers the speed was too fast and unfair 


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GAME.zip 13 MB

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