A downloadable game for Windows

YT is a game about casting your vote to try and save your people from certain disasters, and how powerless you are to try and save them.


  • The ability to voice your opinion to save your citizens.
  • Try to guide your citizens to safety over multiple levels and environments.


  • Use the 1,2 or 3 key to select certain points and vote on a solution by using the arrow keys.

After playing, I suggest reading the explanation for why the game was made. 

Credits: YT uses sounds from freesound.org

  • brassmusic by vollkornbrot
  • menuSel.wav by RunnerPack
  • cheer 1 short by jayfrosting
  • disappointed_Crowd by unchaz


YT.exe 5 MB
Explanation.docx 1 MB


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